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14 Best Hair Products to Manage Flyaways and Frizz All Year Long

What’s old is new again, if certain hair trends are any indication. The super straight hair that accompanied Chanel’s Spring 2022 collection felt like a revival of pre-Y2K style codes, back when flat irons reigned supreme. “We wanted to create something that evoked the feeling of the 90s,” explains Damien Boissinot, creative hairstylist for René Furterer and mastermind behind the runway looks. “That meant a really smooth texture, which we created by brushing the hair out, keeping it shiny and having a middle part.”

For this kind of minimalist homage (itself reminiscent of a 60s lank aesthetic), reducing frizz is key. Boissinet’s preferred approach is to apply a smoothing treatment (such as Furterer’s Style Finishing Spray) just before blow-drying, for a soft, touchable hold. Even when time is limited, as it always is during Paris Fashion Week, there are no shortcuts with this essential preparation. “It’s all in the brushing,” he says.

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This can be particularly valuable advice when the days get shorter and the winter chill sets in. Hats and scarves increase friction on hair, which can create frizz; Take the low humidity into account and you may notice a static halo effect from the flyaways. Adding moisture is therefore often the solution. Whether it’s a leave-in conditioner, a smoothing cream, or a lightweight oil, the idea is to find a formula that hydrates the strands enough, but isn’t so heavy that it adds weight.

The latest generation of frizz treatments also tend to go above and beyond, offering multitasking benefits. This is the case of LolaVie Perfecting Leave-In, a new styling treatment from the clean-minded brand founded by Jennifer Aniston. “A good leave-in conditioner should hydrate your hair, but I wanted to create a product that did more,” says Aniston, whose years on set, most recently with The morning show— taught her to appreciate daily hair maintenance. “The fact that our Perfecting Leave-In can also repair existing damage and protect against future damage, maintain style and fight frizz makes it one of my favorite products.”

If it is important to choose the right product for your hair type, the blow-drying technique is just as strategic. Chris Appletonwhich stylized a longtime customer Kim Kardashian Westthe super straight hair of for her well-received debut on saturday night live, advises to keep the tool on high heat at a lower speed, to better smooth the cuticles. (This applies whether you use a diffuser attachment on curls or a concentrating nozzle for a polished glass effect.)

Not only that, Appleton warns that “too much brushing your hair can [also] cause frizz. Instead, he recommends using your fingertips to apply a smoothing treatment, working it into particularly dry or frizz-prone areas, such as the crown of the head or the ends of the hair. With that, consider these creams, oils, and balms the gateway to all-day frizz control, whatever the weather.