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Students install a black hair product vending machine

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WXYZ) – Tucked away in the basement of the Michigan Union Building at the University of Michigan is a vending machine selling hair care products for people of color. “We have durags, beanies, hair glue, wild growth oil,” said Rico Harrison, co-founder of the beauty machine. The one-of-a-kind machine was installed to […]

Hair products

11 Best Aloe Vera Hair Products 2022 to Moisturize Dry Hair and Soothe Itchy Scalp

aloe vera has long been dubbed the ultimate skin soother in the name of sunburned skin, but its benefits don’t stop with sunburn and skin care. More recently, the beloved botanical ingredient has made its way into hair care formulas. Aloe vera hair products promise shinier, smoother, shinier results, and tout impressive restorative benefits. The […]

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Hair products and tools to manage your curly hair without problems

Hair care is just as important as skin care. To make sure your hair doesn’t misbehave with you all the time, you need 100% effective hair care products and tools at your fingertips. And if you are one of those who struggle to style your curly hair, then you should open your eyes and check […]

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6 Palo Santo Scented Hair Products

When it comes to hair care, an intoxicating, expertly crafted scent truly brings together the perfect product. And this season’s most sought-after fragrance comes in the form of palo santo, a sensual combination of woody notes and citrus accents. From a wild tree of the same name native to the Yucatán Peninsula, palo santo quickly […]

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Are JVN hair products really worth the hype?

When everyone has a line of beauty products in the entertainment world, it’s easier to trust JVN products because they’re created by someone who knows hair and is a professional hairstylist. The Zoe Report likes the hair care line with the slogan “Come As You Are” because it supports diversity and inclusivity. The line prioritizes […]

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Ryan Reynolds, Shawn Mendes’ groomer, now makes hair products – WWD

In her years grooming celebrities like Shawn Mendes, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman, Kristan Serafino has always been on the hunt for the best paste — literally. This week, Serafino introduced The Best Paste, its styling product brand. Starting with five stock units — styling products for men named by their various finishes and hold […]

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X-pression hair develops a mobile application to fight counterfeit hair products

Unfortunately, attempts have been made to compromise these high standards, due to the criminal activities of counterfeiters and pirates of the brand’s products. Members of the public have been duped into buying poor quality hair products falsely packaged with the X-pression hair brand. Not only has this damaged the impeccable reputation that Solpia Nigeria Ltd, […]

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5 salon hair products to use at home

OWhile nothing can fully replace the blissful massage-therapy-skin-cut session that comes with an appointment with your hairdresser, some products can at least make your hair look to see just as good in your own bathroom – no trip to the salon required. “If you have the right tools and the right products, anything is doable […]

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The 9 best free hair apps for 2022

Hair appointments have been quite difficult to find over the past couple of years. Fortunately, the doors to the living room are open! The glaring problem? Most of us have forgotten how to brush our hair, let alone tell a professional what style we want (according to my hairstylist “cleaning” is not a style). Never […]

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15 best Oribe hair products of all time, tested and reviewed

Rosdiana Ciaravolo Oribe is one of those rare hair brands that are loved by just about everyone from editors and stylists to celebrities and more.. And that makes sense – I discovered the brand early in my beauty writing career over 8 years ago, and despite being introduced to hundreds (hell, probably even thousands) of […]