Hair products

25 stars share their favorite hair products

During step two of her hair tutorial, Hailey Bieber said, “I’ll take texturizing spray, and I’ll be spraying my hair all over the place. I like to do a little texturizing spray before [styling]”, shared the model, adding:” After I just took a shower, my hair is really clean and rather smooth. Sometimes I have to add a little more texture spray while doing my hair, which adds a little more grip. “

She also uses it throughout styling and when she’s done with the iron. Hailey explained, “I’m looking for different spots in my hair that I think I must like to fix or revisit, so come back with a bit of texture. So what the texturizing spray does is it gives me a bit. thick and it mattifies the hair a bit. I have really silky hair and when you try to do something with an iron I sometimes feel like it slips a bit so it helps with that . “

A Sephora buyer exclaimed, “THE MOST INCREDIBLE SMELLING TEXTURE SPRAY! It smells like the beach of my dreams. It not only smells great, but it’s a great product. My number one texture spray. J I have 30 inch long hair, which I style with messy waves so I know what I’m talking about. I would definitely recommend it !! “