3 hair and skin care mistakes to avoid when you hit the gym or start your workout


To keep the sweat and the workout from damaging your skin and hair, here are a few mistakes to avoid. Check it out

If you’re someone who exercises or runs, you know that sweating often ends up taking a toll on your skin and hair. Whether it’s acne or dandruff, excessive sweating and poor hygiene can only make these problems worse. So, to take care of yourself, you need to keep the mistakes you make in mind so that you are ready to overcome them.

Skin care:

1. Excessive use of products

If you’re someone who enjoys a 10-step skincare routine, this isn’t something you should be doing right before you go out for a run. Excessive or heavy products end up clogging the pores and when mixed with sweat the risks of bacterial growth and acne are inevitable.

2. Applying makeup:

If you’re trying to impress this cute dude with your subtle makeup, you’re not doing yourself any good. Like heavy products, makeup also tends to clog pores. Just like you, your skin needs to breathe too and instead of excessive blush you can always let your post-workout glow do the talking!

3. Touch your face:

When you sweat, using a towel or your hands to rub it only clogs the pores. We know we say everything clogs the pores but yes it does. The bacteria from your hands reach your face and your skin is doomed!

Hair care:

1. Use a tight scrunchie:

Using a tight scrunchie or rubber band pulls your hair and your hair is pulled out from the hair follicles. When you workout, the weight of your hair further aggravates this problem, resulting in hair loss. So the best way to protect yourself is to go for a braid that both keeps your hair away from your face and doesn’t pull a lot!

2. Do not wash your hair:

When you sweat, you have to wash your hair. Sweat often leads to dandruff when the bacterial overgrowth gets out of hand. Your dry shampoo can’t do much when it comes to grease, but your scalp needs to be clean for your hair to grow.

3. Do not brush your hair:

Sweat and training often dry out your hair. If you don’t remove the knots and remove the excess oil on your scalp, it will adversely affect the health of your scalp and hair.

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