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5 Curl-Friendly Hair Products to Bring Out Your Natural Texture

Whether you have days-long waves, curvaceous curls, or gorgeous coils, we think our natural hair type is always something to embrace. After all, the shape, color and texture of our hair is an extension of our identity and personality. It’s beautiful naturally, and yet there’s a lot we can do to take our texture to the next level. So how do we bring out our unique pattern?

While our hair type is generally determined by genetics (and the heritability of curly hair is between 85 and 95%), our waves, curls and coils come from an asymmetrical hair follicle, which makes hair bend into all sorts of fun shapes. . Curly hair too has an uneven distribution of keratin, the protein that makes up our hair… Thank you, science! So when it comes to to improve our curvy hair – it’s important to use products formulated with that specific hair makeup in mind.

Whether you’re dreaming of salty, beachy waves or need a little help detangling your full, fabulous locks, Sephora has the products we need to polish our natural hairstyle. Carrying the upcoming discoveries that will soon take the hair world by storm, it’s never been easier to give our hair the royal treatment it deserves. Between these top five products, get ready for the waves, curls, and coils of your dreams!