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5 salon hair products to use at home

OWhile nothing can fully replace the blissful massage-therapy-skin-cut session that comes with an appointment with your hairdresser, some products can at least make your hair look to see just as good in your own bathroom – no trip to the salon required.

“If you have the right tools and the right products, anything is doable at home,” says Courtney Resch, hairstylist and founder of Ashen Salon in La Jolla, California. “Yes, it’s amazing to come in to see your stylist, but if for some reason you can’t, don’t be intimidated by the process!”

To help make this process as easy (and non-intimidating!) as possible, Resch unveils its must-have products, and share tips on how to use them to achieve a shiny, voluminous look at home. Although some of her picks are more expensive, “it’s worth it,” she says. “And you’ll save money going out and getting your hair done over time.” Keep scrolling to shop her favorites.

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Dyson Air Wrap—$549.00

This must-have styling tool, the holy grail, is at the top of Resch’s list of favorites. “If you’re going to invest in one hair tool or product, it has to be the Air Wrap,” says Resch. “It’s a hair dryer, a round brush and a curling iron all in one. It’s the closest thing to at-home salon styling and the only true all-in-one hair tool.

Drybar Dual Grip Oval Hair Dryer Brush — $150.00

For a more budget-friendly drying brush, Resch says this one is excellent. “It’s a must-have for anyone who wants to do a round wet-to-dry blow-dry; you can’t do that with the Air Wrap,” says Resch, adding that you have to dry your hair first, then use a round brush with the Dyson tool. “The Drybar tool helps you skip that extra step. It’s super user-friendly, great quality, and worth every penny.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray — $49.00

“I love this because it’s another all-in-one product,” says Resch. “It’s dry shampoo meets air wax spray, and it creates texture and volume for your style. It can be used on clean or dirty, dry or damp hair!”

Davines Oi Oil — $45.00

This fan-favorite lightweight oil is nourishing and adds shine, and is a great finisher for your cool blowout at home. And to boot, “it also smells really good,” says Resch.

Oribe Supershine Light Cream — $52.00

“This cream is a great choice for adding shine and sealing the cuticle without weighing hair down,” says Resch, which means you get the best of a cream without the weight drawbacks that many come with. “It’s great for taming flyaways and creating sleek styles, or piecing up the front; it’s also great for ends, for extensions, and it’s not greasy!

For tips on how to hack your at-home hair routine to avoid damage, watch the video below.

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