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Add These 12 Discounted Hair Products to Your Amazon Cart

If you tend to lose your scrunchies, hair clips and bobby pins, now is the time to restock your hair bin with the essentials. Amazon Prime Day runs from July 12-13, and brands have already started offering discounts on your favorite hair products. If you’re looking to test out a new curl cream, flat iron, or just replace your overused beanie, Amazon Prime’s current early sales can help. Big name brands like Chi, Carol’s Daughter, Lotta Body and Eco Styler have started selling coveted items from the culture.

If you need a little guidance on what’s worth buying when it comes to hair products, here’s a mental checklist to go through: think about your empty products that you need to fill, the products that you’ve been dying to try, to items that are worn out. or expired, and this also applies to devices. If you’ve been using the same flat iron or hair dryer for over 10 years and it’s doing your hair more harm than good, it might be time to retire it. To help you fill your Amazon shopping cart ahead of the biggest digital discount event of the year, here are 12 hair care appliances and products worth snagging.

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