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‘Coming 2 America’ celebrates African culture through hair designs

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Honolulu (KHON2) – Hollywood hairstylists Stacey Morris and Carla Farmer bring African culture to the set of Eddie Murphy’s latest film, Coming 2 America.

After 30 years of its release, Eddie Murphy’s new film, Coming 2 America is recognized not only for its comedic stories, but for its attention to detail with hair.

“In this film, the characters spend more time in Zamunda, so we wanted to draw inspiration from Afro-centric and Afro-punk movements,” says Carla Farmer, co-head of the hair department at Coming 2 America.

By not adding braids in the hair designs, Farmer felt the characters should also be celebrated through accessories.

Farmer says, “We wanted to stay away from braids because we thought black people were always stereotyped in movies with braids. So for this movie, we celebrated the characters with bold jewelry and colorful strands in their hair, bohemian highlights, hair wraps, and natural hairstyles.

Accustomed to working with Eddie Murphy on set, Stacey Morris, personal hairstylist and head of Murphy’s co-styling department, found working on “Coming 2 America” ​​not at all challenging and she was happy always expect the unexpected.

“I’ve worked with Eddie on so many projects that I’ve adapted to just ‘rolling with the punches’ when it comes to what the production team is looking for. That’s the thing, about this company , you just have to have everything to be ready for what they want or don’t want,” says Stacey Morris, co-head of the hair department on Coming 2 America.

After working on films such as Norbit, Dream Girls and Imagine That, Morris and Farmer were recognized on one of Hollywood’s biggest stages as 2020 Oscar shortlist nominees.

“I never thought in my wildest dreams that we’d both be on the 2020 Oscars shortlist. We’ve just settled down and done what we know and love, which is styling hair. But being recognized on one of Hollywood’s biggest stages, that definitely surprised both of us,” Farmer says.

Coming 2 America is now available to stream online on Amazon Prime Video.