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Dennis Rodman transforms his iconic hairstyles into a new NFT collection

The NFT ‘Rodman’s barbershop’ collection will release on April 11, 2022. The former NBA champion is set to release his NFT collection, showcasing his iconic game day hairstyles in over 5,000 colorful pieces. Next week, fans will be able to get a Dennis Rodman NFT on OpenSea for around $175 each.

Immortalize iconic hairstyles on the blockchain. Credit: @dennisrodman

A Dennis Rodman NFT Series: Rodman’s Barbershop

Metacurio NFT’s Jeff Hood and Sophie Watts will team up with the former Chicago Bull to launch the Dennis Rodman NFT series. Each NFT shows an illustrated silhouette of Rodman with different hair designs. The NFT’ series Twitter profile has already amassed over 4,000 subscribers so far. In the meantime, fans can register at Rodman’s Barbershop website.

This isn’t the first time that Dennis Rodman has dipped into the beautiful world of NFTs. The NFT Collector previously joined My Pet Hooligan, an NFT PvP video game. Additionally, Red Devil NFTs has launched a series of unique pieces featuring never-before-seen explicit images of the NBA star. One of the coins even sold for 400 ETH, turning heads all over NFT Twitter.

Denis Rodman

Dennis Keith Rodman is an iconic former NBA player, recently named one of the 75 Greatest Players of All Time. ‘The Worm’ was 5x NBA Champion, 2x NBA Defensive Player of the Year and 2x NBA All Star. Along with playing an elite level of defense every night, his ever-changing hairstyles were equally iconic.

In 1995, when he first joined the Chicago Bulls, he dyed his hair red and shaved the Chicago Bulls crest on his head. He was also seen once with what looked like a tennis ball on his head, dying his entire head green. And while others got tribal tattoos tattooed on their body, Rodman did it on his hair. I can go on and on, but you get the point: ICONIC.

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