Effective tips to avoid scalp buildup during the rainy season


How to treat scalp buildup? Photo credits: Pexels


  • Hair becomes oily, sticky, and the scalp becomes scaly in wet weather
  • You can prevent scalp buildup by drastically decreasing the use of hair products like sprays
  • Scalp building is when the products stick to your scalp, there is excessive oil secretion

Over the past year, we’ve seen some significant trends in skin and hair care routines. At the same time, what we have also seen is the active promotion of scalp care. There have been times when scalp care was considered just as important as hair and skin care regimens. How then do you ask? Well, for starters, you can treat your hair superficially as much as possible, but if your roots are not healthy, you may experience hair loss, dandruff, itchiness and so on. And secondly, if you are suffering from dandruff, acne will definitely become your enemy.

Now that we have clarified the importance of scalp care, you should understand that it is basically important in this time of day. We all love the monsoon monsoon and we also love the winds that the rains bring. What we hate the most is what the rain does to our hair. Rain can cause itchy scalp, brittle hair and all of those things are just as annoying as not having bhajia in baarish.

The hair gets sticky, there is constant dryness and flaking and every time you run your hands through your hair you feel something clammy. The worst part is that your hair gets greasy every other day, but you can’t wash it because when you do it earlier than expected, your hair gets dry and frizzy. Are we right or are we right? All of this is a result of scalp buildup.

This condition knocks on the door when there is excessive secretion of oil on the scalp and products like shampoos, sprays, etc. end up sticking to the scalp. Along with scalp buildup, conditions such as dandruff, redness, and crusty skin are common. Now the main question is: how do you get rid of this buildup? This is what brings us into the picture. Below we have mentioned 5 effective ways to avoid this. Thanks later.

Effective tips to avoid scalp buildup during the rainy season

Keep in mind before washing your hair

  1. To get rid of your itchy scalp, use aloe vera gel. What you can do is make a paste using two tablespoons of yogurt and one tablespoon of aloe vera gel, mix well and apply. Instant relief with this mask, we bet.
  2. If you have just been in the rain and your hair is wet, first run your hair in a tablespoon of baking soda mixed with water, then use shampoo and conditioner.
  3. In the middle of the rains, don’t forget to treat your scalp for germs. For this you need a tablespoon of honey, mixed with two tablespoons of yogurt and that’s about it. Use this mask and wash off after drying.

Keep in mind after washing the hair

  1. The last thing your hair needs during the rainy season is constant brushing of the hair. Just after your hair has dried after washing, run a wide tooth comb and tie your hair back into a neat braid or ponytail.
  2. Do not scratch your scalp. The temptation to scratch your scalp can be out of control, but remember, it will only make the itchiness worse and dry, dead scales can fall on your face as well, causing acne related issues.
  3. Avoiding using hair products like sprays and even heat-based styling tools is a big no-no in this weather. Hair products only stick to your scalp and if not removed properly during washing, they can be the main cause of buildup.

Follow these tips for two weeks and you will see the difference yourself.

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