Eve Hair Extensions Cosmetic Hair Center is the only fabulous hair extension service provider in Dee Why, New South Wales


Pacific, Parade, New South Wales – Eve Hair Extensions is a salon specializing in various types of hair extensions and application procedures. With over ten years of experience in the management of hair extensions, the salon has acquired a vast knowledge base. For example, they came up with the “Nano Link” extension technique, which provides a natural look and feel to the hair. It is a technique that perfectly targets neon hair strands for the best hair prep results, providing fabulous hair aesthetic satisfaction to every client.

The technique comes from the extensive research carried out by the company and is the main reason for its immense quality. In addition, each Eve Hair Extensions salon hair extension technician continually strives to take several measures to ensure that the customer’s hair is not damaged. In addition, there is a soft pearl-free clip and an expert solution, which they use to protect a client’s hair from damage. The salon also has a team of staff who take care of everything from start to finish.

Still, the salon’s huge success and excellent reliability comes from their services, including the most notable option they called the organic hair coloring service. With this service, they use natural hair care products that promise no harmful effects but pure and desirable hair anytime, anywhere. Additionally, most people like organic salon products because they are readily available; therefore a great time-saving option, especially for those busy cosmetic hair enthusiasts quickly. The products are also easy to maintain and provide exceptional longevity for all hair types.

With Eve Hair Extensions salon, every client is promised to have their hair well cared for thanks to products of natural origin containing active ingredients with healing capacities. Such services make it easy for clients to fight against hair dandruff and more troublesome infections affecting the aesthetic values ​​of their hair. Once out of the salon, clients are believed to have benefited from long-lasting services that also give them shine and hair protection. The salon’s primary objective in the hair beauty industry is to ensure that its customers receive services and products without the use of aggressive and toxic substances.

For added convenience, customers have the option to make reservations for their favorite products, which can be shipped to meet their hair needs effortlessly. However, customers may have to give a minimum of 48 hours for any cancellations or postponement issues. One of the values ​​of the company is to provide high quality services to its consumers. Thus, they recommend paying a deposit for extension services to determine if you are serious about seeking their services. Additionally, they are professional and have multiple product packages, including product categories like quarter, half, and full head options.

The wide range of hair products offered by Dee Why Hair Extension salon is also the reason why the salon is considered to be the favorite aesthetic hairdressing center of people. Most of its products come from various regions around the world known to produce the world’s best hair products, such as pure virgin human hair bundles, which the company hand-selects by trained staff members.

In addition, the salon also has a range of signatures from various sources, including Russia and Ukraine, which are known to produce high quality hair extensions. the Dee Why Hair Extensions salon is located at 13 / 8-12 Pacific Parade, Dee Why, NSW, 2099. Call via 0450 089 996 or find out more about the fabulous hair extension services through the salon’s website.

Media contact
Company Name: Eve Hair Extensions
Contact person: Genevieve Jakobsen
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 0450 089 996
Address:13 / 8-12 Pacific Parade
City: Dee Why
State: NSW
Country: Australia
Website: https://www.evehairextensions.com.au/

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