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Fall for fall hairstyles

By ZOË HAGGARD- [email protected]

The Shelbyville Woman’s Club hosted a “one of a kind” lunch on Wednesday. They hosted two stylists from the Infinity Hair Salon, located on Elm Street in Shelbyville.

Speakers Cameron Sutton and Barrettea Price spoke about all things hair extensions, color treatments and Brazilian blowouts.

Infinite Hair Salon

For Sutton, a 2017 graduate of Cascade High School, she entered the beauty industry because of her “love for fashion and all things girly.” She also wanted to follow in the footsteps of her mom, Shannon Clark, who is also a hairdresser at Infinity Salon. After graduation, Sutton received his Bachelor of Cosmetology degree from Paul Mitchell in Murfreesboro. Today, living in Wartrace with her husband, Trent, Sutton is expecting their first child in April of next year.

For Barettea Price, mother of five, she has worked in the hairdressing industry for 26 years now. But that was not always his goal.

“I needed a job and my mom had a beauty salon,” Price joked at the Woman’s Club lunch. She went to Bethel Beauty to practice a profession in order to earn money to find another profession. But the hair business got stuck. Price therefore opened the Bella Donna salon in Shelbyville Square. Now she has worked at Infinity for five years.

New requirements

Over lunch, Price shared an important change that will happen in the world of cosmetology next January.

In 2022, beauty professionals will be required by the state of Tennessee to have at least one hour of domestic violence training.

Price explained that few industries require their professionals to be “close and personal” with customers. And when you’re in a client’s personal space, you’re going to speak.

From there, Price said, trusting relationships are formed and clients often talk about domestic violence relationships they may find themselves in. Therefore, cosmetologists need to know how to handle these situations when they arise.

In turn, Price said she shares the two stages – through graduations and marriages, as well as tears – through divorces, deaths and domestic battles – with her clients.

And, in the end, “It was one of the best decisions in life,” Price said. Price and Sutton both requested that their fees be the First Choice Pregnancy Center.


The devotional lunch was read by Joan Leichner, Academic Director of Community Bible Study. Next month’s members-only club reunion will feature a fashion show by K. Ellen Boutique.