Growing a beard is hard work. 93.3 FM’s ‘Mattman Harris’ Has A Solution


How to keep a clean and fragrant beard without irritating your skin? This is a question Matthew “Mattman” Harris encountered when he grew a beard.

Harris, who has been on 93.3 The Planet’s Rise Guy Morning Show for the past 18 years, said his search for a decent moisturizer has always failed.

“I’ve been growing a beard since 2008 and that’s when you kind of saw a market for it,” Harris said. “When you go into the shaving area of ​​the store, you see shaving cream and razors. You would see a balm or an aftershave, but there was nothing about moisturizers or smells or anything like that. When these products first hit the market, I tried a lot of them and they were very cologne based.

After trying several brands and experiencing rashes and other reactions on his face, Harris began to research all-natural products. But even then, he discovered that most of these items still contained chemicals.

Eventually, he decided to go into making beard oils as a hobby.

“A friend of mine who had facial hair, not a full beard, I gave it to him and said, ‘Hey. Try this and let me know what you think, ”said Harris. “Three days later he said, ‘Hey. I want more. I used everything. It sounds generic and Disney-like, but it literally started when I did it for friends and their friends asking, “Where did you get this?” and I would do more and that’s how it kind of went.

Choose a name

In 2019, the hobby became GAHLAY! Brand Co. – chosen because Harris did not want to name the product for himself.

“I didn’t want to call it ‘Mattman’ beard oil,” Harris said. “This part was pretty easy to slip on, but I didn’t want to give it my name. I didn’t want to put my face on it. The name wasn’t difficult because it’s my reaction to things I can’t believe. “GAHLAY! I can’t believe this. This is something you would say around your grandma if you don’t want to swear.

Wondering how to pronounce it? Check it out.

GAHLAY – pronounced Gah as in gaga and Lay is lying down.

Beyond beard oils

Since the official creation GAHLAY!Harris has expanded its products to include beard balms and soaps.

“It really came as an evolution of what I need now to maintain that beard,” he said. “What a lot of people with facial hair don’t take into account is that your skin’s natural oils are coated on. It’s like an overhang on a roof covering a bush that the sun doesn’t hit. It starts to dry out and die while the others get strong. You can moisturize your face, but if that skin under that big beard isn’t hydrated, it’s going to dry out. It’s going to flake and itch and then you have “The beard riff” is like dandruff. “

For its soaps, Harris uses all-natural ingredients such as shea butter to hydrate and oats to give each bar cleansing power, while its balms use beeswax from Carrolton, Georgia as a base.

Since the balm is a styling product, Harris has seen its demand increase since the onset of COVID-19.

“It’s ointment and we make them in different scents like beard oil,” Harris said. “It helps to control the beard and give it more volume if you want to style it or crush it. I have seen such a surge in sales because of COVID-19 masks. When a bearded man wears this [a mask] it’s like you have a lot of hair and you wear a cap all day, when you take it off, that feeling is still there. Guys with beards will have this line like their beard is folded in half, so you take the balm and put it in, put it back in and put it back.

“The name wasn’t difficult because it’s my reaction to things I can’t believe,” the radio personality and GAHLAY said! Brand Co. founder Matthew “Mattman” Harris. “GAHLAY! I can’t believe this. This is something you would say around your grandma if you don’t want to swear.

In addition to seeing his product bought by men with facial hair, Harris has seen people with no facial hair buy his soaps and heard of a customer using his nighttime beard oil, which contains beard oil. lavender, as a pillow spray.

GAHLAY! Brand Co. products are available at Hyped Experience and Mast General Store in Greenville as well as at

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