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Created: May 26, 2021 8:00 AM

Raquel Furbert, masterclass student, owner of the Blueprint Hair Salon (photograph provided)

Raquel Furbert owner of Blueprint Hair Salon (photograph provided)

As the owner of the Blueprint Hair Salon on Par-la-Ville Road, Raquel Furbert regularly sees clients with thinning or itchy, flaking scalp.

She can try to help, but ultimately she’s not a doctor.

“There’s not much we can do,” Ms. Furbert said.

But now she and other beauty professionals have another tool in their arsenal, an alliance with Kyjuan Brown of the Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Center on North Shore Road in Devonshire.

Earlier this month, Dr Brown began offering an online workshop: Dr Brown’s Masterclass in Hair and Scalp Disorders Part 1.

“I understand that it has been difficult for hairdressing professionals over the past year with the pandemic,” Dr Brown said. “On top of that, I have seen so many clients with hair loss come into my clinic due to poor hair practices or hair and scalp disorders that have caused them to lose their hair. I wanted to provide a solution to grow healthy hair. “

Ms. Furbert was one of 40 people who took the free four-hour course. It has been offered to salon owners, cosmetologists, hairdressers, barbers, braiders and everyone involved in the beauty industry.

In the class, students looked at scalp issues such as psoriasis and alopecia.

Ms Furbert said symptoms of psoriasis include redness around the hairline, itchy and flaky scalp. Often times, people who have it on the scalp also have it on other parts of their body such as their face and elbows.

“We definitely see a lot of customers with these issues,” Ms. Furbert said.

She said there are a lot of different reasons a person can have a psoriasis flair-up.

“Sometimes the cause can be diet and nutrition,” she says. “It can also be caused by stress.”

She said alopecia, or hair loss, is also common and comes in many different forms.

“For some people, it’s hereditary,” she says. “A lot of men have the upper hand. For some people it may be that in their youth they wore their hair too tight. Sometimes it’s related to stress. Some people have patches that fall off. “

She said there are special shampoos that can help and drops to put in your regular shampoo, but now she can also refer clients to Dr Brown for proper medical advice and treatment.

“We have to work together,” Ms. Furbert said. “Sometimes hairdressers can make things worse, with hair coloring and chemical treatment. I’m glad he reached out to us so that we can have another avenue to offer our clients when they are going through things.

She said some clients are very concerned about the condition of their hair and scalp.

“It’s good to say we understand you have a problem,” she said. “We have someone who can help you with that and swipe them a card.”

Dr Brown created the class while Bermuda was still under command of stay-at-home to better help beauty businesses grow and prosper in these economic times.

“I designed the course so that the hairstylist or hairstylist can not only help increase salon revenue through education and product sales, but also so that they can be informed of the best hairstyling tips to prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth for customer retention and a better customer experience, ”said Dr. Brown.

In 2015, Dr Brown won the Professor Hywel Williams Research Prize for the Most Outstanding Research Article that has shown the greatest relevance to dermatology and medical hair restoration.

He also runs a hair salon and hair clinic himself, Salon B, upstairs at his Northshore Medical Center.

“I had first-hand experience as a hairstylist and wanted to share this knowledge with other residents,” he said.

To learn more about Dr. Brown’s masterclass, visit

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