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Holly Willoughby’s Hairstylist Reveals Her Favorite Hair Products

This morning Presenter and darling of our nation, Holly Willoughby has been inspiring our wardrobes, makeup bags and haircuts for years now. So when her personal hairstylist Ciler Peksah revealed her go-to products to use on Holly’s blonde bob, we paid close attention.

Featured on Holly’s Lifestyle Website Wylde Moon, which launched in November 2021, Ciler opened up about how she keeps Holly’s locks looking luscious despite the constant styling her job demands. The celebrity hairstylist shares her hair care wisdom saying, “Behind every good hair day is a really good haircut.”

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But besides the recommended six-week cut maintenance, how can we achieve hair like Holly? Sharing her favorite products, Ciler tells us about the must-haves — and they’re all surprisingly affordable, proving you don’t have to break the bank to get TV-ready hair.

For short hair that tends to fall a little flat, Ciler suggests using a texturizing spray: especially Morrocanoil Dry Texture Spray or Pantene Waterless Perfectly Undone Texturizing Sugar Hair Spray. Textured sprays are great for adding volume and accentuating the natural shape of hair without looking too overdone; they should be a go-to if you have fine hair and need a little punch. Well now we know how Holly gets her bob at the beach so Well.

While Holly’s bob is an integral part of her personal style and is frequently used as an inspirational image at salons, she’s sported many looks over the years. Ciler has been with Holly through long and short, curly and straight, and every variation in between.

For long hair that can lose volume throughout the day, Ciler says it’s all about the root. She loves the Amika Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Volume Spray, but a great budget option is the John Frieda Volume Lift Fine to Full Blow Out Styling Spray at just £6.99. This is how Holly gets her gravity-defying root lift!

For curly and wavy hair, hydration is key. To transform your frizzy bedhead into bouncy curls, Ciler recommends using Cantu Coconut Curling Cream and swiping through damp hair, air-drying or diffusing, for beautifully defined curls. Incredibly, this holy grail hair product will set you back just £7.99.

Of course, all the styling sprays and creams in the world only work in tandem with great hair care. To keep your hair healthy, hydrated, and free of split ends, Ciler recommends adding a wrap or silk cap to your bedtime routine. She loves the SILKUP Luna Hair Wrap, £35, or the Jasmine Silk Pure Silk Sleep Cap, £9. Silk bonnets work by reducing friction and pulling hair out while you sleep so you can wake up with shiny locks. Silk also isn’t as absorbent as your cotton pillowcases, so your hair products can work harder to keep that moisture locked in. The more you know

But what about wash day? Well, Ciler has a handy trick to speed up the process and guarantee a great styling day. She loves the Aquis Rapid Hair Waffle Wrap, which saves bleached or chemically treated hair as it can be particularly brittle and prone to damage when wet. The smart fabric helps minimize this damage by absorbing water quickly and helping you avoid that harsh bath towel. A must-have for platinum blondes like Holly!

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