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Impactful and easy hairstyles to try at home – The Irish Times

With 21 years under his belt at his eponymous salon on Dublin’s bustling South William Street, Dylan Bradshaw is eagerly awaiting what’s next. At the head of one of the most established barbershops in the city, he enjoys an excellent reputation.

“We always want to stay one step ahead, I want to lead in what I do,” he says. This philosophy fits perfectly with his role as a Dyson brand ambassador. “I’ve been styling hair for a long time and about five and a half years ago Dyson came to me and really made me think about hair health. They made me think in a different way about tools and how we can damage hair with heat.

Now? “I haven’t looked back. We all work with Dyson hair care tools in the salon. It’s great for me to see customers using them too, knowing that we’ve educated them to put their hair health first,” says Bradshaw.

“Treat your hair the same way you would take care of your skin. The basics are, am I using the right hair care, am I treating my hair regularly – these are the same principles as skin care. The less you do with your hair, the healthier it will stay.

Maintenance and styling should be simple, and Bradshaw loves the ease of use of hair care tools. “They are light and agile. There’s no point doing your hair if it takes you all day. Dyson lets you use simple techniques with fast turnaround times.

Currently, he draws inspiration from the thick, bold hair of the late 1980s and 1990s, which inspired his look below. “It’s the trend. I look forward to the women having voluminous waves and big blow-drys, like the original models – think Cindy Crawford’s hair. Everything comes back. »

In anticipation of Mother’s Day on the 27the In March, Bradshaw tested the latest Dyson Supersonic and Corrale limited edition Fuchsia and Nickel colors, to create hairstyles that were easy to recreate at home.

Rest assured, you won’t have to learn a whole new book of tricks. “All the techniques we used are simple,” he says. “Focus on the T-zone. Just do the separation, leave the rest out. You want hair that is really low maintenance and looks great.

Good basics

It all starts with a good brushing. “The Dyson Supersonic is fantastic,” he says. It features a powerful digital motor for fast drying and smart heat control to help protect your shine.

Bradshaw advises drying hair 80% first to remove moisture. Then you can start styling with your brush and the concentrator attachment. “I like it for curly hair. It’s lightweight, holds well, and airs hair as it dries. The secret to airing hair is low heat, low speed, and keeping it moving. Give yourself 10 minutes to do it,” he advises.

The fact that the Supersonic comes with a variety of styling accessories is a big plus. “The new Flyaway accessory is also brilliant,” he says, adding, “It really suits Irish women’s hair which can be frizzy and rebellious.” Plus, it’s good for the type of hair that can be prone to static from blow-drying.

“I would also recommend it to women who have just had a baby and have this new growth, or those with gray hair. These short hairs can stick straight out. The Flyaway accessory is great for making them disappear,” he says.

Once you have this smooth base to work from, you can create simple, impactful styles in minutes with your Corrale.

fabulous movies

Here, Bradshaw has focused on the front of the face for ease and impact. “It’s ’70s bangs in the front — very Farrah Fawcett-inspired,” he explains.

“For this simple styling technique, all I did was take the Corrale and pull it towards me and do a half twist with the hair. I wasn’t trying to curl it, we weren’t trying to curl it. don’t try to create a lot of curves in the ends of the hair. You can keep it as loose and soft as you want,” he says.

Bradshaw explains that the Corrale allows you to create definition and shape however you want. “If you’re using it to create movement, curls, or root lift, the thing to remember is that the larger the section of hair you take, the softer the effect will be. Similarly, the larger the section smaller, the curlier it will be.It’s the same principle for brushing.

Used cordless or corded, the Corrale is the only straightener with flexible plates that form around your hair. With this, the hair rests on the straightener and the flexible plates hold the hair to prevent it from splaying out.

“The copper-manganese alloy used in the plates makes it easy to glide through the hair,” says Bradshaw. And less heat means less damage. “In reality, most hair only needs a temperature of 165 degrees,” he says. “Stubborn hair can reach 185 degrees, while 210 degrees is best for very curly or frizzy hair.”

Finally, to finish the look, Bradshaw gently combed the ends to create a more defined shape around the face.

wave maker

For her second look, Bradshaw created an easy flat wave, also using the Corrale. It’s a step up from the bohemian wave we’ve known for some time. “I love beach hair – but it’s time to get off the beach,” he smiles.

“It’s a very natural look. It’s like the beach wave but you don’t see any curls, you don’t see any texture or twist. It’s great for people with a lot of hair who are afraid of curling their hair and making it look too big. Especially if you have a lob length, you tend to find the hair to be too wild,” he says.

The other advantage of this style is that it does not add texture to the hair.The difference is that it reflects light and looks shiny – it’s a great little trickster,” says Bradshaw.

It’s easy to do too. “Feed the hair section by section, in one direction first. Then feed it the other way, and that’s how you get the bend, it’s so easy to do,” he explains.

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