Man bun wearers, unite! You have nothing to lose other than a drop in Canary Islands game ticket prices!


SIOUX FALLS, SD ( – Calling all the men with buns! It’s your night at The Bird Cage.

Maybe you mistook grief for your hairstyle. Thursday night has the last laugh with discounted tickets to see the Sioux Falls Canaries play the always-on-the-go Houston Apollos.

Thursday June 24 at 6:45 am – Have fun with Man Buns at College Night on Thirsty Thursday!

You know, the Man Bun is badly taken, at least from many other men without a man bun. Why? Are they jealous of other men who grow luscious locks but sometimes want to curl them so their hair isn’t all over the place, or because it looks cool? The answer is Yes. Are women only allowed to put their long hair in a bun? No! We will not only make The Birdcage a safe space for Man Buns, but also make men with man buns the stars! Discount on tickets if you have a man bun! In addition, a Facebook contest to see who rocks their bun the best to be a finalist in the Sioux Falls First Annual Canaries Most Gorgeous Man Bun Contest, which will include a beer tying, untying and blowing race! And speaking of beer, it is Thirsty Thursday, so 2 domestic tallboys for $ 10 and 2 craft / import tallboys are $ 12. And the world is really your oyster if you’re a man with a bun and you’re in college because it’s College night, and tickets are only $ 5 for students who present valid ID! (Note: the creator of this night and the author of this paragraph is a BALD MAN who is comfortable enough in his bald spot to celebrate a night of men with manes and updos and is proud to celebrate the difference and diversity… and speaking of that ……… ..)

(The Canaries of Sioux Falls contributed to this report.)

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