Men’s Health: Five Tips For Taking Care Of Dad’s Health This Father’s Day


A 2019 Cleveland Clinic survey Mention it The campaign, which prompts men to see their doctors and discuss their health, highlights the negative attitude of men to seeking medical care.

Healthline reported that nearly two-thirds of those polled said they avoided going to doctor’s appointments for as long as possible and 37% of them said they withheld information from their doctor.

Dr Deborah Lee of the online pharmacy Dr Fox said that men tend to downplay symptoms or just view them as old age because they don’t want to appear vulnerable and believe they just need them. Harden.

But this Father’s Day, here are some health tips from The Sun for the most important man in your life to make sure he’s getting the best care.

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Men’s Health: Five Tips For Taking Care Of Dad’s Health This Father’s Day

Daily exercise is essential

Daily exercise is essential because it is not only good for overall mental health, but it also helps prevent cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in both men and women according to the CDC.

Physiotherapist Alex Crockford, the creator of the #Crockfit app, said cardio exercise, like running, biking or swimming, could be added to the daily exercise routine. But he also said to make sure to include resistance training in the routine, like weightlifting, squats, lunges, push-ups and pull-ups.

Take care of your health in metal

Very Well Mind reported that suicide was the 7th leading cause of death for American men in 2015 based on data from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

Dr Lee said men may feel the stigma of mental illness more than women and therefore tend to internalize their emotions and fears more.

But depression is not always evident in depressed individuals. Family and friends might start by asking loved ones how they are feeling and avoid making a joke of it and suggesting that they should “deal” as that might end the conversation.

It is important to make them feel that someone understands them. Focusing on their feelings and making them feel that they are not alone will help them open up about their feelings.

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Getting enough hours of sleep

Sleep School co-founder Dr Guy Meadows said men typically consume more alcohol, which could negatively affect their sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to other serious problems like cardiovascular disease and chronic lung problems.

He added that convincing your father or partners to make sleep a priority is essential for overall health. If possible, ask them to abstain for at least four days to a week and suggest that they stop drinking two hours before bedtime.

Slow down hair loss

Hair loss could be caused by hereditary genes, hormones, medical conditions, or as part of aging, according to the Mayo Clinic. In men, it could affect self-esteem, with some of them suffering from extreme anxiety and depression.

Trichologist Hannah Gaboardi said hereditary male pattern baldness can occur before the age of 21, although 50% of cases start to form by the age of 50.

Gaboardi added that using biotin and omega-3 supplements on the scalp may help slow baldness because it may stimulate hair follicles by increasing blood flow to the scalp.

Check for prostate cancer

According to the Mayo Clinic, prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer that primarily affects men by the age of 50. Symptoms may include blood in the urine or semen, a change in urine flow, and ore peeing at night. Early diagnosis could lead to better results.

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