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People Are Ditching Expensive Hair Products For This $7 Treatment That Makes Strands ‘Look More Lively’

With so many moisturizing care at hand, it seems like dry, damaged locks have easily become the norm. While it’s reassuring to have everything under the sun available to rectify them, what is worth taking out your wallet is not always easy to decipher. Luckily for everyone with frizzy hair, Amazon shoppers have already played detective and discovered the Elizavecca Collagen Protein Treatment.

According to Amazon reviewers, the $7 treatment provides comparable results to Olaplex, which is downright huge. As one fan said, “I have never felt so much difference in my hair than with this product… As soon as it was in my hair, I felt the softness. I washed my hair, towel dried it, then put this in and left it for about an hour with a plastic bag over my hair. I rinsed it off with cold water and my hair felt so soft and silky. It dried very smooth and not a layer of frizz.

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Have we all discovered the secret to salon-level hair in the comfort of our own bathrooms? Very probably. And it won’t take much effort to reap its benefits; the deep repair treatment only takes five minutes of your time (tip: leave on for 20 minutes on very dry locks) to transform damaged, over-processed hair into a silky, tangle-free dream. All thanks to the mask’s hair ingredients, ceramides, collagen and keratin, which strengthen, nourish and rebuild hair follicles.

Gone are the days of dropping more than you would like during a restorative treatment. “I use a ton of high end hair products that are very expensive. This stuff is so cheap and so amazing,” another shopper exclaimed. “I have thin, bleached hair and sometimes this stuff makes my hair so soft that I can’t even style it well because I have to clog it up a bit. Despite that, this stuff is amazing.

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According to another reviewer, you might see a difference after the first use: “I had dry, lifeless hair after coloring my long hair,” they wrote. “I’ve tried very expensive brands but nothing worked. I used it on my partially dried damp hair after shampooing and let it sit for 5-10 minutes and I could see the results after one wash my hair is so much softer, hydrated and healthier, just what I wanted.

To hurry up— grab the $7 treatment on Amazon before everyone finds out.

STYLECASTER |  Interview with Ashley Benson

STYLECASTER | Interview with Ashley Benson

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