Perfect, healthy hair can now be achieved at home with Keratin Perfect


Keratin Complex has revolutionized the beauty industry with its innovative keratin smoothing treatments and they’re doing it again! This time around, they want everyone to experience the incredible benefits of salon grade keratin enhanced products from the comfort of home and have their best hair day every day.

Keratin Perfect Hair Care is powered by professional grade keratin and is easy to customize.

3-step diets that deliver healthier hair with every use.

Step 1: Choose the best shampoo and conditioner duo for your hair type.

Step 2: Customize your finish by choosing your brushing aid.

Step 3: Complete your regimen with a weekly hair mask enriched with keratin.

Keratin Perfect was developed by a team of scientists and offers unique, results-driven formulas backed by KeratinPro technology that searches for damaged and porous parts of the hair cuticle and fills those areas with professional grade keratin. Keratin Perfect’s lightweight, keratin-enriched formulas are suitable for all hair types and textures, eliminating frizz, making hair easier to style and providing complete health and condition to hair.

Keratin Perfect contains:

  • KeratinPro Technology, an exclusive formula enriched with keratin that strengthens hair from the inside out, instantly making it healthier.
  • Salon-grade ingredients such as high-performing, nourishing extracts, oils and herbs that deliver luminous shine and young, healthy-looking hair.
  • Lush yet light scents – sweet floral and fruity scents that appeal to everyone.
  • Simple to use and offers immediately visible results!
  • NO sodium chloride added! We say “no” to salt! Keratin Perfect products are safe for keratin treated hair and help extend the life of keratin treatments.

Keratin Perfect was designed to provide home consumers with the benefits of professional-grade keratin by giving them healthier hair and the ability to experience their version of a ‘perfect hair day’ without going to the salon. is the key and we believe our easy 3 step quiz will allow every consumer to customize their perfect hair care regimen from our collection of professional quality products at an attractive and affordable price, ”said Zoe Hyams, vice-president. Senior Marketing President, Keratin Perfect.

The Keratin Perfect line includes 3 specific cleansing / moisturizing duos, as well as other essentials for amazing results at home. All shampoos and conditioners are available in 32 oz., 12 oz. and friendly duets for travel.

Step 1: Choose your shampoo and conditioner

1. Daily Keratin Smoothing Duo – this amazing duo consists of Daily Keratin Smoothing Shampoo (12 oz / SRP $ 18) and Keratin Daily Smoothing Conditioner (12 oz / SRP $ 18) that contain gentle cleansing agents combined with professional grade keratin to hydrate hair while fighting frizz. Provides UV protection. Perfect for all hair types and for everyday use.

2. Keratin Color Smoothing Duo – This duo is great for colored hair and consists of Keratin Color Smoothing Shampoo (12 oz / SRP $ 18) and Hair Color Smoothing Conditioner. Keratin (12 oz / SRP $ 18) is designed to keep colored hair smooth, soft, protected and strong while fighting frizz.

3. Keratin Brightener Skin Tone Correcting Duo – Includes Keratin Brightener Tone Correcting Shampoo (12 oz / SRP $ 22) and Keratin Brightener Tone Correcting Conditioner (12 oz / SRP $ 22). This Keratin Lavender Duo is super hydrating and gently cleanses while combating fading and enhancing all hair color undertones, especially blonde, gray and silver tones. Be ready to say goodbye to brass and adopt brighter colors!

Additional specialty products in the Keratin Perfect line include:

Step 2: Choose your brushing aid

Keratin Perfect Benefit Obsessed (5 oz / SRP $ 22) – This is the only product you can’t live without, which is why we call it our magic spray! This lightweight, versatile treatment spray tames frizz, repairs damage, strengthens, softens and smoothes all day. Be prepared to become obsessed! It’s also available in a travel-friendly size (1.7 oz / SRP $ 12).

Keratin Frizz-Free Hair Dryer Cream (2.5 oz / SRP $ 24) is packed with keratin that conditions hair from the inside out, calms unruly strands and improves manageability for easier styling, as we all deserve the perfect frizz-free blow-dry.

Step 3: Complete your routine with a hair mask enriched with keratin

Keratin Hydrate Deep Conditioner (7 oz / SRP $ 21) is a luxurious spa treatment and ritual for your hair. This revitalizing vanilla infused mask hydrates and prevents breakage, leaving your hair extra soft, nourished and flawless!

The new Keratin Perfect range delivers exactly what we all want – healthier, frizz-free hair we love every day from the comfort of home!

Keratin Perfect products are available online at or visit other retailers including Rite Aid, Bed, Bath & Beyond and available in select Target stores soon. For more information, please visit or call 888.409.4445.

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