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Regina Salon Owners Launch Afro Hair Product Line

A couple from Regina turned their passion for afro hair into a business.

Lucky and Ediri Okurame, owners of Lucky Hair & Beauty Studio, have noticed a lack of options for dark, textured hair in town. They started looking for a manufacturer and the perfect formula.

They began to find and test samples in hopes of creating the perfect product. Lucky said the year-long process was trying.

“We have decided to be patient for almost a year. We are almost losing our patience… that was one of the effects of COVID,” he said.

Their patience has finally paid off. They found a manufacturer in the United States and officially launched Lucky Hair Products last weekend in their salon’s first anniversary celebration.

The couple currently have eleven products that can be purchased at their salon in the east end of town. (SRC)

Lucky said they were excited to teach people how to take care of their hair.

“We decided to do some research to see what people are missing. And we decided to find a solution for people who have less information,” he said.

Their products include hair conditioners, conditioners, shampoos, styling creams and foaming foams.

Okurames say they have received positive feedback from customers who have tried samples of their products.

As the city continues to grow, companies like Lucky Hair & Beauty Studio are doing their part to create options for people who haven’t always felt represented. Lucky and Ediri hope to open a chain of stores across the country to create these options for many more people.

The Okurames also started a foundation called Ediri’s Foundation. It aims to feed the hungry and needy in the city.

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