Sephora’s July 4th Sale Begins Today: Here Are The Must-See Offers


To meet all of your summer beauty and personal grooming needs, Sephora is launching its July 4th sale today and the offers are truly impressive. We’re talking cult products, from rarely reduced French shampoos to super potent vitamin C serums, up to 50% off. Essentially, there are no hiccups in the mix, and you can find hundreds of articles beloved by influencers, hair and makeup professionals, and reviewers online at major markdowns during the Sephora sale.

Technically, this savings event will be live until July 5, but with such great discounts, we strongly suggest you shop as early as possible. Here, 10 skin care, makeup, and hair care deals to buy from Sephora Sale so you can get you through summer looking refreshed and radiant.

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Urban Decay Versatile Eye Shadow Palette

Beauty lovers are obsessed with Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow palettes for flattering nude tones, but this one features noticeably brighter undertones with matte and shimmer finishes mixed in. Use neutral and pastel shades to make you more awake during Zoom calls, deeper jewelry tones for stunning evening looks, and holographic undertones (which would be Lucid, VR, and Euphoric) on all colors in the palette to create a bewitching 3D shimmering effect.

The cult favorite summer scent you’ll wear all year round

Do you know all of your favorite summer memories: endless days at the beach, picnics at sunset, ocean waves and fruity drinks? This best-selling scent captures them all with an appealing blend of jasmine, sea spray, and tangerine, and it’ll instantly bring you back to shore every time you open the bottle. In winter, you will feel a whiff of it.

The mascara that will never fail you

The beauty of this mascara is in the brush: The angled “gooseneck” makes it easier to penetrate the corners of your eyes and reach the base of the lashes to thicken and expand them. The formula is also stain resistant, even on high humidity days, and won’t clump on you either. Fans of the formula recommend swirling the brush at the roots, which creates an eyeliner-like effect, without having to apply eyeliner (genie).

The revolutionary exfoliant of Dermaflash

Dermaflash Luxe Anti-Aging Dermaplaning Exfoliation Device

Summer is brutal on your skin: sunscreen, sweat, and pollution can really build up and clog your pores. Sometimes you just want to remove the layers of grime instantly, which is exactly what this ultra-popular device does. Slide the pulsating blade (it’s safe and easy to use, I promise!) Over your face and it will gently buff your dead skin for a super satisfying result. When it comes to manual exfoliators, this is one of the best because you don’t have to worry about acids or chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin tones, and it comes with plenty of extras (replacement blades). , Soothing Skin Cleanser, Post-Treatment Moisturizer).

A lightening and brightening shampoo

Formulated for multiple hair types, this vegan shampoo gently removes residue and excess coloring pigments, revealing lighter, brighter strands. Reviews say the highlighter effect is subtle, so if your goal is to be much more blonde for the summer, you’ll need to pair it with some real highlights.

Fenty Ultra Long Wear Foundation

According to buyers, this Fenty foundation is the ultimate long-lasting formula. “It’s amazing from the minute I put it on until the end of the night, even after hours of wearing it. My skin is absolutely flawless, to the point that I feel guilty washing it off,” wrote one. It is also available in 50 different shades, making it one of the most inclusive options on the market.

A gentle and exfoliating scrub

Infused with papaya and pineapple, this Saturday Skin peel gently removes dead skin and cleanses your pores to reveal a luminous, glowing complexion. Over 800 five-star reviews say it will leave your skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft. They also note that it’s great for sensitive skin and rarely causes irritation.

Your new must-have lipstick

Think of this lip product like a lipstick, but much more hydrating (and easier to apply). Shea butter, jojoba, mimosa, and sunflower seeds nourish your pout as you wear it, so you won’t be left with that chalky look at the end of the day. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the lip liner thanks to the precision tip of the Lip Stylo, which can be used to create the perfect contour. Did we mention that it comes in 20 different shades?

A high potency vitamin C serum

Developed by a dermatologist, you can rest assured that this super potent vitamin C serum will brighten, firm and even out your skin tone just the way it claims. “I have been using this product for three weeks and have noticed an improvement in the radiance of my skin. My discoloration is slowly starting to fade, ”confirms one reviewer.

Laura Mercier Oh-So-Natural Powder

If your makeup philosophy is “less is more”, this Laura Mercier will fit perfectly into your routine. Apply it for subtle yet buildable coverage and a healthy glow. Thanks to a blend of jojoba oil and vitamin E, it is more hydrating than most powders and has a barely visible feel.

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