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11 Best Aloe Vera Hair Products 2022 to Moisturize Dry Hair and Soothe Itchy Scalp

aloe vera has long been dubbed the ultimate skin soother in the name of sunburned skin, but its benefits don’t stop with sunburn and skin care. More recently, the beloved botanical ingredient has made its way into hair care formulas. Aloe vera hair products promise shinier, smoother, shinier results, and tout impressive restorative benefits. The […]

Hair products

Hair products and tools to manage your curly hair without problems

Hair care is just as important as skin care. To make sure your hair doesn’t misbehave with you all the time, you need 100% effective hair care products and tools at your fingertips. And if you are one of those who struggle to style your curly hair, then you should open your eyes and check […]

Hair products

15 best Oribe hair products of all time, tested and reviewed

Rosdiana Ciaravolo Oribe is one of those rare hair brands that are loved by just about everyone from editors and stylists to celebrities and more.. And that makes sense – I discovered the brand early in my beauty writing career over 8 years ago, and despite being introduced to hundreds (hell, probably even thousands) of […]

Hair products

Rizos Curls collaborates with Thalía on new hair products

Four years ago, if you had told Rizos Curls founder Julissa Prado that she would end up collaborating with iconic Mexican telenovela and world superstar Thalía, she probably would have laughed at you. But the universe has clearly been on its side, because that’s not a guess – it actually became Prado’s reality. The clean […]

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Best Hair Apps For Natural Hair

Getty Images We’ve always been fascinated by companies that can combine hair and technology. The hair journey of an individual is very unique, whereas technology is generally characterized as impersonal and for the masses. But these hair apps have mastered the art of creating experiences that cover all the bases, while remaining individualized. Read on […]