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The 10 most popular hair styles of 2021, from curtains to mullets

Last year was a pretty weird time for our hair – we cut it ourselvesWhere desperately tried hacks to mask its lack of maintenance, with hairdressers closed for months. But now that they’re open again (hopefully, for good), it’s time to find out which trends our locks will enjoy this year.

The Cosmetify team has published its Hair Report 2021revealing the most searched hairstyles over the past 12 months, as well as the styles that have seen the biggest surge in popularity.

Want something new, as the world opens up again? Try them for inspiration.

The 5 most popular hairstyles of 2021

1. Mule

Described by the BBC as “style’s most unlikely comeback“, the mullet, sported here by Miley Cyrus, is – it seems – back in fashion. It was the most searched hairstyle last year, according to the report, by more than 15.5 million people.

Amy Sussman via Getty Images

2. Waves

Waves = a popular answer to hair growth during lockdown, giving us beach holiday vibes while we’re still months away from having one ourselves.

beautiful woman outdoors

Igor Alecsander via Getty Images

beautiful woman outdoors

3. Wings

A beloved style of the tousled skater and surfer community – instead of lying flat over your ears, the hair lifts up and hangs straight out like an airplane wing, hence the name. Forget Redbull, let Harry Styles show you how it’s done.

NBC NewsWire via Getty Images

4. Curtains

Yes, they’re back (again) – think Peter Andre in Mysterious Girl. Also known in the United States as the “butt cut”.

Ron Galella, Ltd. via Ron Galella Collection via Getty

5. Extensions

While most of us are in desperate need of a cut, there are no lengths some won’t go to get their dream hair. Loved by influencers and coming in fifth place: extensions… for those looking for a little extra boost.

Photo of a fashionable young woman posing indoors

Delmaine Donson via Getty Images

Photo of a fashionable young woman posing indoors

5 more styles on the rise

Along with looking at the most popular hairstyles of the past year, the researchers looked at the growing popularity of hair searches.

1. Curtain Fringe

It’s exactly what you’d expect: long bangs parted in the middle to frame your face. The style had a whopping 1,016% increase in searches.

Aleksandar Georgiev via Getty Images

2. The New Leprechaun

A slightly longer and thicker variation of your standard pixie crop, the report says.

a wrestler via Getty Images / iStockphoto

3. Layered locks

Massive TBT. And just in time for the friends reunion. The Rachel anyone?

LSOphoto via Getty Images/iStockphoto

4. The modern mule

The “modern” mullet – or making a bad hairstyle slightly more palatable – is achieved by shaving the sides, then applying the usual mullet formula.

Renphoto via Getty Images/iStockphoto

5. Middle parting

What Gen Z uses to troll Millennials. Pick a side. No, wait, no.

Westend61 via Getty Images