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The Best Everyday Hair Products for Black Hair – 2022

One of our four Best in Black Hair Hairstylist of the Year 2022 winners – whose clients include Lupita Nyong’o, Willow Smith and Amandla Stenberg, to name a few – is Vernon François, an expert in loops for the ages. Entrusted to each type of texture by the brightest stars, he lets his creations tell a rich story. “It’s a collaborative process between me and my client, which inspires us and aligns us with things that are important to hairstyling success,” he says. Francois adds that no matter your hair type, everyone should be conditioned. “Dry or damaged kinks, coils, curls and waves should aim for a deep conditioning treatment once a week,” he advises. “There are a lot of factors involved, so always try what works best for you.”

That said, no matter how you like to wear your hair – natural, straight, in braids or in weaves – there are certain products that are must-haves, no matter the style. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 12 everyday hair products that are worth your money and your space on your vanity.

Check them out.

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