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The Best Hair Products for Hot and Sunny Summer Days

Anyone who’s sweated through the summer knows that it’s one of the toughest times of the year to sport a head of hair. Many guys intentionally cut their hair short (same as facial hair) during the warmer months, to avoid headaches caused by heat and humidity. (Long-term damage from UV rays is also on par with summer frustrations.)

But not so fast: you can have the summer beach waves you’ve worked for all year, while protecting your hair from the seasonal elements. There’s a long list of hair care and styling products that make summer life easier, and that goes for men with shorter hair too. Read on for our favorite summer hair products for men.

Top 10 Hair Products for Men in Summer

1. An infusible styler

Nothing is worse than going on a lunch break to get the suffocation of summer to melt your hair product. Not only is your hair compromised, but you have a bunch of product accumulating on your scalp or running down your face (and even clogging pores). So, make sure that your product of choice promises to stay put, rather than go bland.

American Crew Clay Spray Styler

Oh, and before you apply that…

2. A protective oil

Humidity, heat and UV rays can all compromise your hair. They work alone or together to open the cuticle and cause moisture loss, frizz, breakage, split ends, and more. By coating the strands with a defensive oil (or even a spray), you can block the damage caused by these environmental factors, and usually these light oils absorb completely into the strands to allow the use of other stylers. Above.

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Bumble and bumble Anti-UV and anti-heat oil

3. A texturizing spray

Keep your hair regime fuss-free in the summer and do like the surfers: Get beachy texture from the salt of the ocean itself, and you can mimic volumized, lightweight, and textured styles (even if your hair is only one inch long). All you need is sea salt styling spray and a few fingers to tousle it all up afterwards.

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Rahua Texturizing Salt Spray

4. An anti-frizz conditioner

Your daily conditioner is the easiest and most regulated way to avoid frizz and puffiness (from heat and humidity). The right one will coat and protect your strands from moisture loss while detangling even the thickest, coarsest, curliest hair among us.

Use it daily, even as a “co-wash” on non-shampoo days.

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Living Proof Anti-Frizz Conditioner

5. A moisture shield

How you style your curly hair is a matter of preference, especially in terms of product weight and hold. Whatever your preferences, make sure it prevents frizz and puffiness in the summer by protecting your locks from humidity and heat. You’ll even avoid split ends and breakage in the process.

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Ouidad Anti-Humidity Curl Gel

6. A revitalizing hair mask

Summer’s toll on hair is severe, from breakage and frizz to dryness and split ends. What hair desperately needs is weekly conditioning: try a deep conditioning hair mask that fortifies strands, restores cuticles, calms scalp fatigue and pumps tons of nutrients into every hair.

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Sisley Paris Hair Ritual regenerating hair mask

Additional note: If you have dyed or bleached hair, it’s important to incorporate color-balancing and bond-building masks, as well as shampoos/conditioners and styling products that boost and protect color (especially against summer staples like salt water, chlorine, UV rays and heat). Learn more about preserving dyed hair.

7. Hair-Part and Cowlick SPF Powder

Of the many ways to protect your scalp from the sun, few are as universal or mess-free as hair powder. (Few are so underrated!) Just a pinch can keep your hair parting, bald spots, and streak from sun-frying. We’ll give runner-up status to scalp mists (for men with thinning hair or buzz cuts), but it’s this mineral powder that helps those most vulnerable to hair and patchwork.

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Supergoop SPF 35 Mineral Scalp Powder

8. A post-sun recovery treatment

Like a prescriptive hair mask, a post-sun treatment cream will counteract the effects of UV and heat damage on the cuticles, while providing lightweight styling control. It boosts shine, conditions and deeply hydrates, and prevents frizz and breakage.

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Sachajuan after-sun hair repair cream

9. A mild shampoo

It’s a lifelong tip, but keep your routine shampoos lighter: no sulfates, no harsh surfactants. You want to remove sweat, oil, grime, and product buildup without stripping away excess moisture. You can keep a deep detoxifying shampoo on hand for when your scalp and strands need a real refresh, but those days are rare. For regular washes, especially in the summer, a mild shampoo is essential, and ideally one rich in nourishing vitamins and scalp-balancing ingredients.

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10. A scalp treatment

Whether it’s a daily nourishing cream or a weekly mask, a scalp treatment will calm the scalp and reduce any inflammation and irritation, while preventing flaking. It can counteract any sun exposure and calm the head after a long day outdoors (although sunburns should be treated with their own ingredients and products). Remember that a balanced scalp gives hair an optimal environment for growth.

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Harry’s Scalp Treatment Cream