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The best hair products for volume and fullness will make the most of what you have

The best hair products for volume play an important role. Not many people are looking for a solution to their overly full and voluminous hair. (That’s a nice problem to have; the solution is a haircut.) However, many of us could use a little amplification: whether our hair is thin or thin, or if we don’t can’t seem to get a lift or texture from our current regimen, we want to know how to add volume and fullness.

Some guys have found a simple and perfect balance between shampoo, conditioner and styler. Maybe their scalp isn’t as oily as yours, so their hair isn’t rendered lifeless, greasy, and limp by 2 p.m. Maybe they found the optimal match between their hair type and a styling product. It could be anything – probably dumb luck, honestly – but you have to find the right solution that works for your hair and texture.

Below is a good place to start looking. They are some of our favorite products that work pretty universally, or at least have outstanding reviews for the hair types they seek to serve. Whether you’re trying to get back to your Jimmy Neutron days or are desperate to salvage your thinning hair while it’s still possible, we hope there’s a solution for you here.

Below are the absolute best hair products for volume. And while you’re at it, check out our tips for preventing hair loss and getting thicker hair.

Best styler dryer for volume

This 100% botanical blend not only creates volume and fullness by binding your hair together, but it’s also extremely versatile: it can be applied wet or dry for different finishes and tactility. Our favorite approach is a dry application for maximum height, medium hold and a matte yet touchable finish.

Best wet styler for volume

Sachajuan volumizing cream

Not only does this styling cream give you a lightweight, touchable hold, it also coats hair strands and protects them from heat damage. So if you style your hair with a hair dryer (for more volume, nothing less), you won’t. dries out or damages your hair. It’s a staple for high-end salons, yet still inexpensive for professional-caliber results at home.

Best volumizing cream for curls

Loops can easily have the wrong some kind of excess volume – frizz and moisture loss are a major headache – but the right cream can boost hydration (and lock it in) giving curls the bounce and lightweight fullness you want Actually. Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion adds nourishing oils to the hair for all-day fullness and movement.

Best dry shampoo spray

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A little dry shampoo goes a long way on the days between shampoo sessions (since you shouldn’t shampoo every day). It absorbs excess oil at the scalp and allows hair to lift and reach its full potential. Living Proof Dry Shampoo works for all hair textures and densities; be sure to target the hair roots and ruffle them with your fingers to distribute the oil-absorbing liquid powder.

Best Dry Shampoo Styler

Hanz de Fuko ‘Quicksand’ Dry Shampoo Wax

This dry shampoo-wax combo gives hair the weirdest texture, thanks to diatomaceous earth, a pulverized rock that gives your roots a really gritty texture. It lifts everything, absorbs oil at the scalp, and fortifies and soothes follicles and scalp with castor seed oil, eucalyptus, and horsetail extract. It rinses out clean at night, but allows for all-day volume and definition in short to medium styles.

Best Texturizing Spray

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Billy Jealousy Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray has the same effect on hair as a quick dip in the ocean: it gives you definition, separation and touchable texture, and also has conditioning benefits for every strand. While it’s not as volumizing as, say, a dry shampoo or hair-drying creme, it gives you more body thanks to the even increase in texture all around your dome.

Best Volumizing Conditioner

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Aveda Volumizing Conditioner

While you can find both volumizing shampoos and conditioners that promise to add height and fullness to hair, we think it’s the conditioners that matter most. Yes, you need a moisturizing shampoo that won’t dry out the hair, but the conditioner itself comes the closest. It plumps hair full of much-needed nutrients and thickens every strand, allowing fine hair to feel and look noticeably fuller. Aveda’s conditioner, powered by kaolin clay and acacia gum, is the gold standard here.

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