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These are the worst hair products on the market, according to recalls and class action lawsuits

Overview of class action lawsuits against the worst hair care products:

  • Who: Class action lawsuits have been filed against a number of hair care product manufacturers, including Procter & Gamble, Madison Reed. Johnson & Johnson, OGX and TREsemme.
  • Why: Claims often revolve around the ingredients in hair care products.
  • Where: Class action lawsuits have been filed against hair product manufacturers nationwide.

If there’s one thing consumers pay attention to, it’s what they put in their hair. Using the right product can mean the difference between having frizzy or fabulous hair.

Consumers also need to be careful that what they put in their hair doesn’t damage it, either through a negative individual reaction or an identifiable problem with the product itself.

Last month, a class action lawsuit was filed against Madison Reed by consumers claiming its hair color products contain harsh ingredients which may cause adverse effects, including hair loss.

However, the lawsuit against Madison Reed is just one that has been filed against hair care companies and, according to the class action lawsuits and the consumers who filed them, make them the worst hair care products on the market:

P&G, Juice Organics and others face claims over hair product ingredients

When it comes to hair care products, ingredients matter.

In January, a class action lawsuit was filed against Procter & Gamble by a consumer claiming the company sold certain aerosol dry shampoos and conditioners. containing the carcinogenic chemical benzene.

Keratin is another ingredient that, although often touted as good for healthy hair, can actually cause increased hair loss.

Although it is a naturally occurring protein in the human body, the keratin in cosmetics and hair products often comes from animal parts, such as their hooves, feathers, hair or horns, and may contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen which can cause a number of adverse effects including hair loss, burns and skin damage.

In January 2021, a class action lawsuit was filed against Unilever by a consumer claiming the company’s TREsemmkeratin shampoo contains a controversial preservative.

The plaintiff in that case, Iris Arroyo, argued that Unilever covered up the dangers of the shampoo by claiming it was safe despite containing DMDM ​​hydantoin, a preservative which she claims can cause hair loss and scalp irritation.

Since October 2018, Sexy Hair Concepts agreed to pay $2.3 million to resolve a class action lawsuit alleging the companies mislabeled their shampoos as sulfate-free.

Despite bearing a representation on the front of its shampoo bottles stating that they were sulfate-free, an analysis of the ingredient list showed that Sexy Hair products contained sodium sulfate, ammonium chloride and salts. of sodium chloride, argued plaintiff Molly Crane.

The complaint against Sexy Hair was reminiscent of the complaint regarding the possible presence of sodium sulfate in WEN hair products filed in April 2016.

In this case, plaintiff Waverly Robinson claimed WEN hair products caused him adverse effectsincluding severe hair loss, irritated scalp, thinning hair and dryness.

Johnson & Johnson is another company that came under fire when in August 2021 it was accused of using a preservative in its OGX shampoos known to cause hair loss.

The consumers argued, similar to the complaint against Unilever, that the OGX shampoo contained DMDM ​​hydantoin, which they claim J&J has known for a decade can cause hair loss.

Not being able to perform as believed or advertised was at the center of a class action lawsuit brought against Juice Organics in 2017 by consumers claiming the company falsely advertised its hair care products could repair damaged hair.

BrushX, P&G issue hair care reminders

A number of hair care products have also been recalled recently over concerns that they could damage hair and/or have adverse health effects.

In February, approximately 100,000 BrushX hot air hairbrushes were recalled due to concerns could present a risk of electric shock to users if they fall into water while plugged into an outlet.

The recall was initiated after the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission determined that the products did not contain an immersive protective device necessary to protect users from the risk of electric shock.

Also last month, 32 different P&G dry shampoos and conditioners were recalled due to the presence of benzene.

The recall, which was first published on the P&G website in December included the brands Pantene, Aussie, Hair Food, Old Spice, Herbal Essences and Waterl

Plaintiff Nancy Martinez filed a class action against P&G over benzene contamination.

Have you used any of the hair care products that have been subject to a class action lawsuit or recall? Let us know in the comments!

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