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X-pression hair develops a mobile application to fight counterfeit hair products

Unfortunately, attempts have been made to compromise these high standards, due to the criminal activities of counterfeiters and pirates of the brand’s products. Members of the public have been duped into buying poor quality hair products falsely packaged with the X-pression hair brand.

Not only has this damaged the impeccable reputation that Solpia Nigeria Ltd, maker of X-pression hair products, has painstakingly built over the years; but also poses a threat to the end user, hairstylists and other members of the public who engage with rich, ultra braid X-pression.

Due to the duty of care to the public, but also to protect its integrity and economic investments, hair brand X-pression has now decided to take a definitive stand against counterfeit hair products that impersonate their own.

X-pression Rich and Ultra Braid have now harnessed the technology in an effort to stop this unwanted development that seems to have gone on too long. With a new mobile app, end users can now scan their X-pressions hair products to be sure if they have purchased an original item or a fake.

The company revealed the move during a press conference held at the premises of Solpia Nigeria Limited in Agege, Lagos on January 13, 2022. There, Marketing Manager, Ms. Grace Ejikeme gave a presentation highlighting the efforts that they deployed to ensure that end users would now always get their money’s worth. She also revealed that the unhealthy and toxic side effects of fake X-pressions hair products – such as bruises, cuts and burns – can now be completely avoided. By simply downloading the mobile app, falling victim to fake X-pression braids can be a thing of the past.

Learn more about the “Hidden Tag” mobile application by X-pressions

The sole purpose of this newly developed mobile app is to verify the authenticity of any X-pressions hair product you purchase anywhere in the world.

To ensure this, the company’s stock now includes a tag on each product, which bears a special identification tag that can be scanned and recognized by the ‘Hidden Tag’ app. The app is not heavy and can be easily downloaded from Apple App Store for iPhone users and Google Play Store for Android users. This is an easy to use app that can be used wherever you are in the world and lets you know if you have Actually got what you thought you paid for.

In the event that you discover that the hair product you purchased is fake, there is also a mechanism to help you report the product and where you got it. And according to the brand’s attorney, Prince Azubuike Onyekwelu, anyone arrested will be prosecuted accordingly as the company enjoys the support of the Standards Organization of Nigeria, the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investments, among other bodies and agencies. of regulation. “It’s not business as usual for counterfeiters anymore”, he said.

What if counterfeiters created their own tags to deceive the public?

All labels are specially generated by the company and technologically placed on the products. A non-company generated label will simply not be recognized and the product will be flagged as not genuine.